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Well folks, It's been a bloody long time since I've gotten the chance to make and upload music here on Newgrounds. I'm afraid that this post is to let everyone know that I am discontinuing this user account.

Thanks to all my fans (and all my enemies) it would not have been the same without your support (and criticism.) Maybe someday in the future I will get back into making music, but for now, I don't have the time. School, a girlfriend, work and other things are adding up, and I gotta focus on these things.

Thanks again everyone, this is DJ-HappyFace, signing out.

"Stay Happy my Friends."

Well, if you're one of my few fans, you'll be happy to hear that I will be returning to music making very soon. I am currently working on a song titled "Flight of the Wooden Sword", which is a song based off of S.S.H.'s "Flight of the Bamboo Cutter". Song can be found here:
Click Here
It's a tricky, and very long song... So far I've completely finished 96 Bars, with at least 20 tracks filled in, and it's taken me about a week and a half (on and off btw). The song is 278 bars long, with some wicked solos and awesome drum beats, so expect something epic when I am totally finished. To hold you guys off for a bit, I'll probably be posting something new in the next couple days, something that's been done for a while now, but until then:

Stay Happy My Friends!

~ DJ-HappyFace :D

Someone named djperoxide just filed a "Copyright Infringement" against my Newgrounds Username. Apparently my name violates the "Copyright Claim" he has on the Username DJ-HappyFac3. Here was his message (roughly paraphrased):

From: djperoxide
Re: Copyright Infringement

Dear User,

Your Username is in violation of a copyright claim filed by 666BMP Records AZ.

We at 666BMP Records AZ suggest you change your username, or further legal action will be taken.

The Username "DJ-HappyFace" is the name of our resident DJ and has been for 9 years. Do not be upset, you are not the only one.

djperoxide, C.E.O of 666BMP Records AZ

So All I could do was laugh. This is such bullshit, and honestly, gave me a good reason to tear this idiot apart. There are so many things wrong with this claim, or lack-there-of, that if he tried legal action against me, he would lose, big time.

1. 666BMP Records AZ is not a real record company. It is merely a page based off of MySpace created by Peroxide (DJ HappyFac3). So good luck filing a copyright claim from MySpace, a website based off of the GNU Public Licensing Agreement.
2. Usernames are what's known as "Intellectual Property", something you will have a shit-ton of trouble filing a copyright claim on, as it's an idea, and anyone can think of it. His claim is that he's had the name for 9 years, but I'm 19, and it's more than possible I had the name since I was born, so unless he can prove that I stole his name when I created this username 2 odd years ago, he will be hard pressed to have that claim stand in a court of law.
3. His copyright claim likely doesn't even exist... On his MySpace page, there is no "DJ HappyFac3 is © Copyright 2000 - 2009, 666BMP Records AZ.", which would be necessary to have anything stand up in a court of law.
4. If he tried anything, I would win. All I would need to say is "There is no claim, you have no case."

So anyway, just thought I'd share the hilarity with everyone else, and just show you how desperate stupid people can be. This guy want the username so bad, but yeah, he ain't getting it. He can for sure use DJ HappyFac3, but mine is taken, and there ain't shit he can do about it.

~ Stay happy my friends. DJ-HappyFace :D

Programming... What a mess

2009-10-07 00:36:08 by DJ-HappyFace

Well, right now, I'm in my second year at college for Computer Programming, and all I can say is DAMN! I never knew there was so much that could go wrong with a single mistake... Computer crashes for missing something as simple as a "-" or a ";" here and there... But ug... What a pain in the ass...

And then there's DirectX Graphics... Oh... My... God... Don't even get me started... Who could have ever guessed that arranging a bunch of point into triangles, and then arranging those triangles into a shape could be so complicated... I mean come on... a 365 MB .ply file in the shape of a buddah, which my computer can't even load because it's too intricate... DAMN!

Anyway, now I'm on a rant, mainly because I have a project due in two days, and I've barely started, and am seriously lacking the understanding of said language to know what the hell I need to do... If there's anyone out there that could tell me how to load a .ply file into either a vector or an array, initialize a vertex buffer and matrix buffer, and then write the main() to show the .ply thing on the screen, that would be just wonderful :)

But anyway, all technical talk aside, I get to the main point of this post, my music is going to be on standby for a while to come now... Maybe if I get a chance to upload some of the new stuff I've done, I'll do that, but don't get your hopes up... You'll likely get burned :P

And yeah, that's all for now, Stay Happy my Friends :)

~DJ-HappyFace :)

No, I'm not emo, for anyone who's thinking that... I'm simply really depressed right now... There's a lot of stuff happening in my life, such as... Nah, it's personal stuff, but know this, I doubt I will be releasing any music any time soon... There's just too much happening... And... Yeah...

So anyway, that's what's new with me... For anyone who cares... If anyone knows a place where I can get some confidential help, that would be nice... I really need someone to talk to, and it just feels like... I don't know, like no one is there for me... Anyway, that's the update as it stands, for now, stay happy my friends.


It's officially official. The economy can go to hell. I don't know about the rest of you out there, but if you have a job, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE QUIT. I was basically forced to quit my job back in December and have been looking on and off for another job since then, and the only offer I've gotten is from a bull shit marketing job that forces you to sell overpriced knives to relatives.

So if anyone knows of any jobs in South West Ontario I'd like to know... that's right... I'm asking for a job over Newgrounds lol (not 100% serious though :) )

That's the update on my life as it stands right now... not much new, music is kinda on hold, at least until I find some new music to make or have the motivation to submit some... but yeah... til then:

Stay Happy My Friends :)


And I am unpleasantly surprised... Shallow game play mechanics, non-responsive controls, and a ridiculous difficult setting make the game...uh...not so good. However, I am a fan of the Street Fighter series, so I am going to stick with it, learn how to use a character to their fullest potential and hopefully things will pick up a bit. If anyone wants a match sometime, Hit XGC HappyFace with an Invite and I'll see if I feel like playing, but for now, it's off to the training mode with infinite Super and Revenge gauges to learn how to play. -_-

P.s, anyone else notice it's been very quite around here lately? Maybe it's just me but I think zombies have taken over Newgrounds and are secretly preparing to kill us all...

My Xbox is Back :)

2009-02-09 19:13:20 by DJ-HappyFace

Hooray, I finally got my 360 back! But it's not actually mine...It's a "Microsoft Certified Replacement Xbox 360 Console system." (What a mouthful, but I'm sure Microsoft is used to kind of stuff) Well, at least it works, and no problems so far, so will be at a stand still for a bit, partly due to computer problems, partly due to school, but partly due to the fact I kinda don't have the patience to do any stuff for a bit now...oh well.

Red Ring of Death FTW

2009-01-08 14:11:56 by DJ-HappyFace

Thank you Microsoft, I love my christmas present :)

I currently have the RROD on my Xbox I geuss I will be making more music than normal nowadays, simply cause I have nothing else (not necessarily better) to

Anyway, that's the news from HappyFace today, and um, yeah.

~DJ-HappyFace (Not so "Happy" right now but what can ya do -_-)

I am currently thinking of something to put there that's not so... Strange... Most likely some sort of happyface lol :) or maybe a picture of my, considdering i can find the cord for my camera... Stupid technology...

Also, I geuss I need a header too don't I... I'll get to that eventually.... hopefully.

But yeah, thanks for stopping by, keep rocking and yeah. Peace!

DJ-HappyFace :)