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Holy **** It's been a while huh...

2010-03-20 15:23:41 by DJ-HappyFace

Well, if you're one of my few fans, you'll be happy to hear that I will be returning to music making very soon. I am currently working on a song titled "Flight of the Wooden Sword", which is a song based off of S.S.H.'s "Flight of the Bamboo Cutter". Song can be found here:
Click Here
It's a tricky, and very long song... So far I've completely finished 96 Bars, with at least 20 tracks filled in, and it's taken me about a week and a half (on and off btw). The song is 278 bars long, with some wicked solos and awesome drum beats, so expect something epic when I am totally finished. To hold you guys off for a bit, I'll probably be posting something new in the next couple days, something that's been done for a while now, but until then:

Stay Happy My Friends!

~ DJ-HappyFace :D


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2010-06-20 19:58:05

I love SSH's work. I can't wait to hear your song. :D