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So I bought Street Fighter IV Today...

2009-03-01 01:15:46 by DJ-HappyFace

And I am unpleasantly surprised... Shallow game play mechanics, non-responsive controls, and a ridiculous difficult setting make the game...uh...not so good. However, I am a fan of the Street Fighter series, so I am going to stick with it, learn how to use a character to their fullest potential and hopefully things will pick up a bit. If anyone wants a match sometime, Hit XGC HappyFace with an Invite and I'll see if I feel like playing, but for now, it's off to the training mode with infinite Super and Revenge gauges to learn how to play. -_-

P.s, anyone else notice it's been very quite around here lately? Maybe it's just me but I think zombies have taken over Newgrounds and are secretly preparing to kill us all...


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