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My life as it stands right now... Kinda sucks...

2009-09-04 22:26:44 by DJ-HappyFace

No, I'm not emo, for anyone who's thinking that... I'm simply really depressed right now... There's a lot of stuff happening in my life, such as... Nah, it's personal stuff, but know this, I doubt I will be releasing any music any time soon... There's just too much happening... And... Yeah...

So anyway, that's what's new with me... For anyone who cares... If anyone knows a place where I can get some confidential help, that would be nice... I really need someone to talk to, and it just feels like... I don't know, like no one is there for me... Anyway, that's the update as it stands, for now, stay happy my friends.



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2009-09-04 22:45:30

Depression is hard to come out of, I've been through it myself (and occasionally I go back in because a lot of shit happens).

Just ask me if you need any help?
Also, wow@me visiting your page almost right after you post this. Persistent fan, or persistent friend?

P.S. lolololol lame joke <_<