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Don't mess with a guy who knows Law.

2009-11-23 00:42:54 by DJ-HappyFace

Someone named djperoxide just filed a "Copyright Infringement" against my Newgrounds Username. Apparently my name violates the "Copyright Claim" he has on the Username DJ-HappyFac3. Here was his message (roughly paraphrased):

From: djperoxide
Re: Copyright Infringement

Dear User,

Your Username is in violation of a copyright claim filed by 666BMP Records AZ.

We at 666BMP Records AZ suggest you change your username, or further legal action will be taken.

The Username "DJ-HappyFace" is the name of our resident DJ and has been for 9 years. Do not be upset, you are not the only one.

djperoxide, C.E.O of 666BMP Records AZ

So All I could do was laugh. This is such bullshit, and honestly, gave me a good reason to tear this idiot apart. There are so many things wrong with this claim, or lack-there-of, that if he tried legal action against me, he would lose, big time.

1. 666BMP Records AZ is not a real record company. It is merely a page based off of MySpace created by Peroxide (DJ HappyFac3). So good luck filing a copyright claim from MySpace, a website based off of the GNU Public Licensing Agreement.
2. Usernames are what's known as "Intellectual Property", something you will have a shit-ton of trouble filing a copyright claim on, as it's an idea, and anyone can think of it. His claim is that he's had the name for 9 years, but I'm 19, and it's more than possible I had the name since I was born, so unless he can prove that I stole his name when I created this username 2 odd years ago, he will be hard pressed to have that claim stand in a court of law.
3. His copyright claim likely doesn't even exist... On his MySpace page, there is no "DJ HappyFac3 is © Copyright 2000 - 2009, 666BMP Records AZ.", which would be necessary to have anything stand up in a court of law.
4. If he tried anything, I would win. All I would need to say is "There is no claim, you have no case."

So anyway, just thought I'd share the hilarity with everyone else, and just show you how desperate stupid people can be. This guy want the username so bad, but yeah, he ain't getting it. He can for sure use DJ HappyFac3, but mine is taken, and there ain't shit he can do about it.

~ Stay happy my friends. DJ-HappyFace :D


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