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Red Ring of Death FTW

2009-01-08 14:11:56 by DJ-HappyFace

Thank you Microsoft, I love my christmas present :)

I currently have the RROD on my Xbox I geuss I will be making more music than normal nowadays, simply cause I have nothing else (not necessarily better) to

Anyway, that's the news from HappyFace today, and um, yeah.

~DJ-HappyFace (Not so "Happy" right now but what can ya do -_-)


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2009-01-08 14:28:43

Nice tails.


2009-01-08 15:16:09

Hmm...... I know that wrapping the 360 in a towel when the RROD Comes actually makes it go away.

2. Get a towel
3. Wrap the towel around the 360 and turn it off.
4. Your 360 should work after it cools down perfectly


2009-01-13 17:53:12

Hey, don't listen to Brundaty. If you were to do that, yeah, works for a little while, but I will fry the shit out it in the meantime. I'm sure most people know by now what actually causes RROD. But, for those who don't. The damn thing gets so hot while playing that it actually melts certain solder points. Eventually they solder moves around to make fucked up connections. That's why if you ask the Microsoft CSR's when you send that shit in, they say it could be alot of things, and there are, alot of fucked up solder points. The design is flawed and produces too much heat. They redesigned it but really it's still not enough. It might last longer, just enough time to let the warranty run out, but it will happen again. Enjoy. You could always do what I did. Send the thing back to get a refurb model and then have the DVD drive screw up a few months later just to be told that my warrant is up and it'll cost 100bux to fix. Shit, I ain't paying a bill for that janky ass drive. I opened it up and fixed it myself.


2009-02-06 14:58:09

What about COD4 for computer?