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Megaman X3 -- Toxic Seahorse Megaman X3 -- Toxic Seahorse

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well lol

They could've hired you to write it, but do you know the first thing about actually "Writing" music? Lmao, this is a MIDI to MP3 remix as stated in your description, so technically you didn't "Write", you "Covered" it.

Sounds like FL 7 (or 8) with the Inferno Guitar used as the lead, one of the Electric guitars from the Sytrus plugin used for the rhythm guitar, and I think you've got a soundfont for the drums (or it's the FPC one), but I might be wrong :P Bass, I have no idea lol, but it works :P

Anyway, I never rate MIDI to MP3's higher than 7, because really, they don't take much skill to make... Now, had you changed something, say the drumline, or added a solo here and there, I'd be able to rate it higher, but sorry, no can do.

Overall, not too bad, good choices on the instruments, they sound good, but really needs some more originality... And no, I doubt you could "Write" a better song, remix one sure, but not write one ;)

That's it :P

~DJ-HappyFace :)

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Street Fighter Cammy Stage RMX Street Fighter Cammy Stage RMX

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad at all :)

Drums need a bit of work, as well as maybe checking the volume levels, this is a loud song lol :)

My only real complaint is that this sounds too much like a Midi - MP3 song. It doesn't sound like you added to much to make this song "your own", which is a downside in my opinion.

Overall is sounds good, and Im not sure why it's at 2.24... but I'll raise it a bit lol

P.S. I hate Cammy, but her stage music is awesome ;)

~DJ-HappyFace :)

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Culex Battle SMRPG (Warped) Culex Battle SMRPG (Warped)

Rated 2 / 5 stars

That was... Odd...

And the random chord that plays every so often during the chorus is just... completely off... One thing to consider when making a song is what key it's played it... For example, the chord you played is not in the same key as the rest of the song, making it sound completely out of place... ( Sounds like a C Chord lol )

Also... the instruments just don't make sense... The lead sounds exactly like the bass just at a higher pitch, and there is a definite lack of percussion.

And my last complaint is that this sounds like it's a simple Midi - MP3 piece, meaning you did almost nothing to "make the song your own."

There's a lot of work needed before this song is good... But it's still not even close to the worst I've heard lol :)

Keep up the work, Voted 3/5 / 5/10:

~DJ-HappyFace :)

QuazzanBrandes responds:

it sounds odd cause its warped. i used the original midi and changed it a bit and added a few instruments. but i will try to focus on wat u said.


[DJP] Dedede mix v.2 [DJP] Dedede mix v.2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Interesting Take on Dedede's theme.

In my opinion it strays just a tad too far from the original melody to be a 10/10, but still sounds quite cool.

Good Job :)

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DJPureSuffer responds:

thanks :D i kinda put my own feel on it.

Gerudo Valley of the Futu Gerudo Valley of the Futu

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Decent, However...

I don't think I like the gating on the Bass part... It doesn't quite fit right with the beat and melody of the song. Drums are decent, but the kick needs some more Oomph, as do the symbols, and maybe try adding a 'clap' on some off notes.

Not bad overall, just a couple things to consider lol :P

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Rhyhart responds:

Thanks for the review I'll definitially take your consideration for gran it and mess around with it.

Culez Battle SMRPG Culez Battle SMRPG

Rated 3 / 5 stars


And here I though his name was Culex... Guess not lol

BTW, nice use of the Sytrus's Silver Saw as the lead and it sounds like the Electric 4 from Sytrus as the backing instrument... No Idea what the bass is though lol :)

But really, this is nothing more than a Midi to MP3 remix... I don't think you did anything to make it your own... An idea - Add something new to the main melody, create a solo or add harmony to back the melody, something...

Gotta give you a 6 on this one. Nice job remastering it, but you didn't do anything to make this stand out... Sorry man.

=Storm Eagle MMX= =Storm Eagle MMX=

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice song dude :)

I saw that you use FL Studio for your music as well, and I was wondering what drum kit and Guitar VSTs you use (unless that's you playing both (which would be epic lol ))

I'm attempting to do this song as well, but the base Guitar VST in FL Studio (the slayer) is kinda limited, and I can't seem to find a decent Drum kit lol

Thanks in advance, and again, Nice song ;)

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Hades responds:

Haha, the guitar part I could do with ease, but I'm afraid that this level of drumming still eludes me. ;D Besides, I currently lack the capacity to record anything, so it's all VST's. The guitar I used is a mix of several disto-guitar VST's from , and the drumkit is from the same page- it's called Rockkit or something like that, I seriously suggest it, as it really kicks ass! That page is generally an excellent source of free VST's so, I suggest you check it out!

Sorry it took me so long to respond, hope you find the site useful! Feel free to PM me if you're wondering about anything else!

Super Mario Castle Rock Mix Super Mario Castle Rock Mix

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hmm... couple of complaints.

One thing I've found about guitar based songs (Rock/Metal/Heavy Metal) is that they need a rhythm guitar to help the song be less... boring... Even if it's simply playing chords based on the tune of the bass part of the song, it would still help to make is sound better.

Also, the beginning part needs drums... I almost stopped listening to this because of that... Overall, this is a decent song, it simply need some adjustments.

Nice job though, better than I could ever do lol :)

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goldendizzler responds:

Thankyou for taking the time to review this :)
I take all complaints on board and they help me improve my songs, so thanks :)
I am glad you still liked it! Great review.

SF2 Sakura's Theme remix SF2 Sakura's Theme remix

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Lol it's so true :)

Zero Bombers sucks... I've had a lot of my songs bombed by the same guy over and over again simply because he hates Midi remixes :)

Anyway, on to the review. Couple of things, not sure if I'm digging the mix of Bells and Orchestra as the main instruments, but I do like to sound of the song after 1:13, when the Acoustic sound comes in. Also, great work on the drums, they sound perfect for the song :) Oh and nice use of the gating later in the song, it fits perfectly lol

Overall, a couple a things can be changed, but good stuff none the less!

BTW, what program was this done in (or did you play the whole thing yourself!?!? lol :) )

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prey2009 responds:

Ah ty for your review, yea zero bombers sux, and I think im getting the same people doing it to me for the past 3 remixes I've done. As for the software, using FL studios 8. and Im so akward I only listen to the music over and over again and then note by note try to copy it (some failed mind you :(..), Midis is the easy way, Not as fun either to compose. takes me like 1 hour just to figure out the chorus part then the other was not as hard.

But yea, I did like that gate part myself, thought it sounded perfect :)

WG-Ken Theme-SF WG-Ken Theme-SF

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Interesting Take...

sounds odd in some parts, but overall, has a very interesting sound to it.

My only concern is that the main track is overshadowed by the rhythm guitar... I think that If I could hear the melody a bit more, I'd like this more, but not bad overall, it just needs some mixing.

Weapongod30 responds:

Ok, thanks man! If I ever have time to remake this, I'll take that into account!