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Cat Vader Cat Vader

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hardcore Star Wars fans will get it :P

Like me lol, every joke in this movie I know what scene it was from, and I laughed for most of em :D

Delivery of the lines could have used some work, voice work was alright, you could tell it wasn't quite 100% accurate to Darth Vader's actual voice, but close enough that it didn't ruin it as well.

Animation, well, good enough, not great, but got the point across, so well done there.

All in all, a good flash, coeuld use a couple touch-up's here and there, but overall quite enjoyable, good job :D

~DJ-HappyFace :)

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Super Mario bros Z ep 5 Super Mario bros Z ep 5

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Found a Bug :P

Right after the screen where you give us the info for the Latest Flash Player, you forgot to remove the script for the "Now press space to continue." Every time you press space, the movie will restart it's self from the screen with the 7 Mushrooms and the title of the episode. Music restarts as well.

But yeah, great series none the less, just letting ya know :P

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Bunnykill 4 Bunnykill 4

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Damn... It's like Madness...

Minus the guns that is :) (Which is a good thing, cause in my highly valued opinion, Swords > Guns)

Also, nice Street Fighter referend during the fight with Flint - Gen's Super combo - You cannot dodge what you cannot see! That and the various Flash Kicks here and there :) Not sure what the C-c-c-combo Breaker! is from, but I've heard it before lol

Overall, this is a great flash. Amazing animation, great Sound effects/Music and (while there's not much of a story in this episode) you still feel attached to the characters, which is good.

Great Job, looking forward to BunnyKill5 :)

Mottis responds:

Yeah, Gen is da man. I got the PC version not too long ago and he is my favourite character in SFIV by far. If only I had the balls to go online though. I'll get murdered. D;

And oh, the c-c-c-combo breaker is from an old fighting game called Killer Instinct. I used to play Killer Instinct Gold on N64, and trust me, there is nothing more satisfying that breaking your opponents combo, having the screen freeze for a split second and flash with bright colours and the narrator shout C-C-C-COMBO BREAKERR!! Especially since performing combo breakers was so damn rare and difficult. Unless you're pro or something. Youtube 'Killer Instinct Gold combo breaker' or something. :)

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Super Mario 63 Super Mario 63

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game!

Like Zarvanis said before, however, I also kept getting the anoying static noise. It seems to only happen when you hold left on the keyboard. Hopefully that will help you to find out what is going on.

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Runouw responds:

Actually, the static noise has nothing to do with Left, but it is caused by too many sound effects playing at once. When you walk, it creates a tiny sound effect every time your foot hits the ground, and not every sound card can handle too many sounds overlapping. The static "glitch" can only be fixed if we remove some sound effects or the music entirely... or everybody upgrades their sound cards... 8/

Flash Hero Flash Hero

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well....Here I go, One Hell of a Review Comming up

First things first. I Didn't hate this game, I simply think you made some bad decision about it. For the first part, having six fret buttons, while sounding like a good idea, actually takes away from the fun of the game. I own GHIII for the PC, and I can pretty well 5 star most songs on Expert using the Keyboard (Maybe I'm crazy, who knows) and in this game, I could barely get above 90% on hard... Good concept, bad placement that's all.

Second, Song choice. Examples {Rose} and Ratio of Chaos. Both of which I beat, while almost breaking my hand... They are fine songs, but not the best choices for a game with limited collision detection, 6 frets (ow my frickin' hand) and (sorry to say it) bad charting... I mean, common, I heard many held notes that were single notes only... But whatever, you can't be perfect on everything...

Thirdly, Hm... I actually don't have a thirdly... Overall, this is a decent game, but it doesn't stand anywhere near the actual GH or RB series, but once again, don't get me wrong. It's good for what it is, it, how shall I put this, tries to do much more than it is capable of. So a couple things to consider if you ever make a FH2:
- Frets: Does there really need to be six... Too much shifting can cause alot of pain lol
- Song Choice: Nothing too hectic, as there will be no way to play them (unless you play on easy you pansy lol)
- Charting: Ask the creator for a sample of the part you want to use (such as a MIDI File or FL Piano Roll thingy) so the song can be charted exactly as it should be.

So that's it. 7/10, 4/5. Keep up the good work, I look forward (to breaking my hand) for the second one to come out.

~ DJ-HappyFace AKA XGC HappyFace AKA A huge Guitar Hero Fan

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find agnry face find agnry face

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Thanks for Using my Music...

But make and actual "Game" Next time lol

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Megaman X3 -- Toxic Seahorse Megaman X3 -- Toxic Seahorse

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well lol

They could've hired you to write it, but do you know the first thing about actually "Writing" music? Lmao, this is a MIDI to MP3 remix as stated in your description, so technically you didn't "Write", you "Covered" it.

Sounds like FL 7 (or 8) with the Inferno Guitar used as the lead, one of the Electric guitars from the Sytrus plugin used for the rhythm guitar, and I think you've got a soundfont for the drums (or it's the FPC one), but I might be wrong :P Bass, I have no idea lol, but it works :P

Anyway, I never rate MIDI to MP3's higher than 7, because really, they don't take much skill to make... Now, had you changed something, say the drumline, or added a solo here and there, I'd be able to rate it higher, but sorry, no can do.

Overall, not too bad, good choices on the instruments, they sound good, but really needs some more originality... And no, I doubt you could "Write" a better song, remix one sure, but not write one ;)

That's it :P

~DJ-HappyFace :)

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Street Fighter Cammy Stage RMX Street Fighter Cammy Stage RMX

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad at all :)

Drums need a bit of work, as well as maybe checking the volume levels, this is a loud song lol :)

My only real complaint is that this sounds too much like a Midi - MP3 song. It doesn't sound like you added to much to make this song "your own", which is a downside in my opinion.

Overall is sounds good, and Im not sure why it's at 2.24... but I'll raise it a bit lol

P.S. I hate Cammy, but her stage music is awesome ;)

~DJ-HappyFace :)

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Culex Battle SMRPG (Warped) Culex Battle SMRPG (Warped)

Rated 2 / 5 stars

That was... Odd...

And the random chord that plays every so often during the chorus is just... completely off... One thing to consider when making a song is what key it's played it... For example, the chord you played is not in the same key as the rest of the song, making it sound completely out of place... ( Sounds like a C Chord lol )

Also... the instruments just don't make sense... The lead sounds exactly like the bass just at a higher pitch, and there is a definite lack of percussion.

And my last complaint is that this sounds like it's a simple Midi - MP3 piece, meaning you did almost nothing to "make the song your own."

There's a lot of work needed before this song is good... But it's still not even close to the worst I've heard lol :)

Keep up the work, Voted 3/5 / 5/10:

~DJ-HappyFace :)

QuazzanBrandes responds:

it sounds odd cause its warped. i used the original midi and changed it a bit and added a few instruments. but i will try to focus on wat u said.